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Special Discount Services

Military & First Responders - 5% Off

Active Duty Military and Veterans, Police, Firefighters, and EMT's - get 5% discount on any service with current ID/badge/proof of employment; not to be combined with any other discount or offer

BFF's (Beverage & Food Folks) - 1 Hr Massage for $75 on Tuesdays from 1-8p

Folks currently employed in the beverage & food industry can get this discounted service with proof of current employment; (servers, cooks, hosts, bartenders, baristas, managers, - if you work at a restaurant, bar, or coffee/tea shop, this one is for you!); not to be combined with any other discount or offer 

Jin Shin Research Study: Ended Feb 28th! - check out the results here!



...Because sometimes you just want it all!  Sage Bodywork offers curated pairings of Therapeutic Massage, One-on-One Yoga Sessions, and Jin Shin Bodywork:  

Our Yoga + Massage Combo is the perfect pick for those folks who want to work on their Mind-Body connection before the massage or for those who crave a post-massage stretch session.  Your therapist will help choose the order of services based on your needs and preferences. 

No need to undress for our Yoga + Jin Shin Combo! We recommend this pairing for anyone who enjoys guided self care and the deep relaxation of balancing bodywork.


Our Massage + Jin Shin Combo is equal parts therapeutic massage and bodywork.  The ultimate combo for serving mind, body, and spirit!  This also is a great option for massage "vets" curious to experience Jin Shin.

Combos & Specials

Before each service, your therapist will coordinate with you to determine the best options and order of services to meet your needs and preferences.  Your session will be crafted to include appropriate techniques and always with your highest good in mind.

Yoga & Massage:

1 hr 30 min Session

  • 90 min service 

  • Includes 30 min One-On-One Yoga & 60 min Customized Massage

  • Prenatal Option Available

  • Wear Workout Clothing

  • Save $5!


Yoga & Jin Shin:

1 hr 30 min Session

  • 90 min service 

  • Includes 30 min One-On-One Yoga and 60 min Jin Shin

  • Wear workout clothing

  • Save $5!


Massage & Jin Shin:

2 hr Session

  • 120 min service 

  • Includes 60 min Customized Therapeutic Massage & 60 min Jin Shin

  • Save $5!


All services are by appointment only.

Online booking is accessible 24 hrs a day for your convenience.

Combos & Specials
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