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Our Services

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Sage Bodywork offers a wide range of Therapeutic Bodywork.  Western Styles include well-known favorites such as Deep Tissue Massage, Swedish Massage, Trigger Point Therapy, and more.  Our Eastern Style options include Reflexology, Body Balance & Energy Flow, and Thai Yoga.  Our East/West Combo services offer a well-balanced blend, perfect for those folks who want the best of both.

Coming soon: Therapeutic Energywork offerings and Private Yoga Sessions!

Please explore our service offerings in detail by clicking on the Category Tabs below.  You will find more information about Western and Eastern Styles, as well as specific service descriptions.

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Therapeutic Bodywork

~Western Styles~

Energy Healing

Therapeutic Energywork


Therapeutic Bodywork

~Eastern Styles~

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Private Yoga

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Therapeutic Bodywork ~East/West Combos~