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We want to send out a huge THANK YOU to everyone that participated in our Jin Shin Research Study!!

Jin Shin Research Study

Sage Bodywork is proud to have sponsored a Research Study to measure the effects of Jin Shin.  We invited EVERYONE to participate in the study to help us gather data to test our theory that Jin Shin has an immediate positive effect on heart rate, blood pressure, stress level, and blood oxygen level.  Participants had these measurements taken before and immediately after their service and had an opportunity to give additional feedback on their experience. 

From November 1, 2022 through Feb 28, 2023, Sage Bodywork offered deep discounts on Jin Shin for folks who participated in our Research Study to measure the positive effects of Jin Shin.  They were able to choose from 30% off an hour session of Jin Shin, or choose any regular price service of an hour or more and add-on a free 30 min Jin Shin!  One research study session per person allowed.

Research Study Results 

All research data collected has been anonymized, but in no other way manipulated or adjusted from the actual results.  Twenty-three participants received either a 30 or 60 minute Jin Shin Session as part of the study with the following measurable results:

  • Heart Rate Results: 95.65% of participants saw a decrease from starting heart rate, with the greatest change being a 12 point difference in starting and ending heart rate reading

  • Blood Pressure Results: 82.61% of participants saw a decrease from starting measurement, with the greatest change being a 22 point difference in starting and ending systolic blood pressure reading

  • Blood Oxygen Level Results: 69.56% of participants saw an increase in blood oxygen percentage

  • Stress Level Results (Self Reported Scale 1-10): 91.30% of participants reported a lower stress level at the end of the session

Overwhelmingly, our research study participants had improved heart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen levels, and reduced stress as IMMEDIATE results after ONE session of Jin Shin!

Following are some of the comments directly quoted from participants about their experience:

“I felt very relaxed and a very intense sense of calm and peace; I wasn’t ready for it to be over”

“I felt calmer at first touch. Very relaxed. Could fall asleep, but after sitting up, feel alert but
relaxed. Very much improved mental stress level”

“I felt an almost immediate sense of comfort”

“I feel lighter and my head feels better. The pressure seems to have been lifted away, removing
the brain fog out of my system”

“The levels of pain in body drastically decreased and I am feeling very relaxed now”

Jin Shin Research Study

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