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Jin Shin Research Study

Sage Bodywork is proud to sponsor a Research Study to measure the effects of Jin Shin.  We invite EVERYONE to participate in the study to help us gather data to test our theory that Jin Shin has an immediate positive effect on heart rate, blood pressure, stress level, and blood oxygen level.  Participants will have these measurements taken before and immediately after their service and will have an opportunity to give additional feedback on their experience.  All research data collected will be anonymized when shared.

Special Discount Services

Jin Shin Research Study: choose 30% off 1 hr ~or~ free 30min add-on

Beginning November 1, 2022, Sage Bodywork is offering deep discounts on Jin Shin for folks who participate in our Research Study to measure the positive effects of Jin Shin.  Choose from 30% off an hour session of Jin Shin, or choose any regular price service of an hour or more and add-on a free 30 min Jin Shin!  

Research Study - Q & A

Who can participate in the research study?  Anyone over 18 years old.

When are research study sessions available?  Beginning Nov 1, 2002, between 1:00pm and 8:00pm Tue - Fri, subject to availability through our online appointment booking

How many times can I participate in the study? One research study session per person

Will my personal info be shared? No.  All data collected will be anonymized to remove any personally identifiable information from the study results.

Where can I learn more about Jin Shin? Click here to go to our Jin Shin FAQ

Jin Shin Research Study

Jin Shin Research Study:

30% off 1 hr Session

$45 (reg price $65)

Jin Shin Research Study:

Add-On to 1 hr Session

  • 30 min Add-On to any regular price service of 1 hour or more

  • research measurements taken before and after service

  • includes intake analysis & gentle stimulation of a meridian flow

  • Click here for Research Study details

Free Add-On

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