About Sage Bodywork

Merriam-Webster defines Sage as "wise through reflection and experience" and Bodywork as "therapeutic manipulation of the body using specialized techniques". 

Sage Bodywork is the perfect combination of therapeutic massage and relaxation techniques, artfully balanced by an experienced therapist to be both enjoyable and highly effective.

Many spas and massage therapists perform "cookie cutter" style services - meaning everyone gets the same routine.  At Sage Bodywork, we understand that you are unique and deserve an experience that is tailored to meet your individual needs every time.  Areas of pain may change day to day, emotional stress can manifest physically, and how you eat, think, and even breathe can change the way your body feels.  Sage Bodywork offers mindful, targeted massage techniques to meet your specific needs at the time of service.

Sage Bodywork offers excellent therapeutic massage and customer service, in a comfortable environment at affordable prices. If you are looking for a sauna, hot tub, body scrub or other spa service, we will happily direct you to the places we love to go for a fun spa day.  However, Sage Bodywork IS for anyone and everyone seeking to reduce muscle pain,  increase range of motion, gain better circulation and lymph flow, reduce muscle tension, stretch out tight muscles, soothe soreness in soft or connective tissues, balance chi, knock out knots and trigger points, or any other serious therapeutic massage and bodywork.

All massage services are by appointment only, which allows your therapist to focus exclusively on YOU when you are with us!

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Beryl Simpson, Owner and founder of Sage Bodywork, LMT#5660

Beryl has over a decade of experience as Licensed Massage Therapist in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  During her years of service in a mega-spa, she developed a loyal following of Clients that were seeking truly therapeutic massage.  As spa prices climbed to cover the cost of amenities that were not even used by most of her Clientele, she realized the high cost of the spa environment was negatively impacting the ability of people to receive services as often as they wanted and needed. In 2017, Beryl left the spa behind in search of a place where she could offer the benefits of therapeutic massage in a comfortable and relaxing environment, at an affordable rate, and in 2020, she established Sage Bodywork, Therapeutic Massage Clinic to do just that!

Beryl is dedicated to providing bodywork that is highly effective, enjoyable, professional, and specific to each individual, and to educating, coaching, and supporting clients on their personal health journeys.  A passionate proponent of pain free techniques, she specializes in Gentle Deep Tissue, and offers a truly unique massage experience by incorporating an eclectic blend of eastern and western massage styles.  She holds certificates in Reflexology, Detailing the Spine, Sciatica Relief, Shiatsu, Thai-Yoga Mat, Thai-Yoga Table, and is also proficient in Traditional Deep Tissue, Gentle Deep Tissue, Trigger Point Therapy, Neuromuscular, Myofacial Release, Therapeutic Stretching, Prenatal (Pregnancy), Lymphatic Drainage, and of course, Relaxation.